Ready to get organized, keep focused and change your mindset?
Here are a few of my favorite books, podcasts, software and sites that help me to stay organized and be productive!

Inspire to be more

P R O D U C T I V I T Y    T O O L S

The Netflix of learning. Get access to over 18,000+ courses in design, business & more.

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Online work book used to collaborate with others.

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Productivity tool built to be used to manage information, create to-do lists, etc. for yourself or in collaboration with others.

Money management tool that allows users to manage all bank accounts, credit cards, loans, set budgets as well as friendly reminders.

A simple, user-friendly and straightforward task list.

Schedule appointments and meetings easily and completely free of charge!

S O C I A L    M E D I A

Create amazing graphic designs for free using simple tools.

Another tool to create amazing graphic designs with instant access to designers-on-demand.

Schedule, automate & optimize your Instagram and Pinterest posts.

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Another Instagram content post scheduler with extra free analytics tools.

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A headline analyzer tool to help you write better headlines &  capture your audience's attention, drive traffic and shares.

*For a more detailed post on the differences between Canva vs. Easil, click here.

Find relevant hashtags using the hashtag generator!

M U L T I - L I N K    B U I L D E R S

The most popular tool for building multiple links into one link. If you want a simple feel with minimal effort and don't care too much about customization then Linktree is best for you.

Multi-link builder with full customization of colors. You can even schedule future links in conjunction with your upcoming Instagram posts automatically!

Going for that minimal look? This is the perfect tool to build multiple links if you're going for that minimalist feel while also removing Lnk.bio's branding.

S E O    &    M A R K E T I N G

Free tools to build your email list and build traffic to your site. Access your Google Analytics, heat maps, etc. all in one place!

Analyze the most popular content for any topic or competitor!

Need new marketing ideas? This is a great site for marketing inspiration and analysis!

S T O C K    P H O T O G R A P H Y

Get beautiful niche-specific stock photography to represent your brand without having to do all the work! This is a paid stock photography website catered to bloggers and women entrepreneurs.

Here is a list of links to free, high-resolution, royal-free stock photography for all your business needs!