• How Spiritual Practices Helped Me Find Myself Again
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    How Implementing Spiritual Practices Helped Me Find My Light

    Do you incorporate some sort of spiritual practice into your daily routine?⁠ ⁠ I always thought people who were into this kind of stuff were a bit mental. But when I started hearing my favorite mentors and other successful people implementing spiritual practices into their daily routine.. I started to question it.⁠ ⁠ My first introduction to spirituality   The first time I was ever introduced to spiritual practices was around the beginning stages of my e-commerce business about a year ago. Our team was given the task to read The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod and challenge ourselves to develop a consistent morning routine.⁠ Note: Now FREE for prime…

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    CURRENT FAVORITES: Citrus Bliss Vegan Facial Moisturizer by Oriwest

    ​​I've been using the "Citrus Bliss" vegan facial moisturizer by @Oriwest over the past few days and I'm loving it so far! If you're a supporter of small Canadian businesses, Oriwest is definitely one you should be checking out. They source high-quality ingredients and showcase them in beautiful, clean packaging (totally Instagram-worthy and would sooo leave the empty containers around my house simply as decoration haha) Also, can I say how freaking lovely the packaging is? I'm sorry but I'm totally in love with the design of the whole brand from the packaging of the products to the pamphlets, the brochures, just everything about the brand screams minimal & zen!   Pros   Upon…

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    The Importance of Mornings & My Daily Routine

    Focus on learning and creating rather than entertainment and distraction. Those of you who have been following me and reading my posts know that one of my goals this year is to wake up early. And I must say, I have been very successful these days in reaching that goal. And in doing so, I have never felt more alive and amazing than I do now since I started this routine. Ever since high school I have always been a night owl. Sleeping late every night either gaming, studying last minute like I always do, procrastinating or just being my lazy self. It never once occurred to me to sleep…