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    A Guide to Inspiring The Look of A Modern Home (Part 1)

    Welcome to this four part series on how we styled our home to live a modern, minimalist lifestyle and how you can get inspired to transform yours as well!   ​One thing you need to know before completely immersing yourself in a home makeover is that you are not only turning your home around but essentially taking on a completely new lifestyle. If you are currently living in a home that’s cluttered, unruly, unorganized, with tons of junk & knick-knacks you rarely touch still lying around then you need to be aware that this is both a transformation of environment as well as a transformation of the mind, body & soul.   What  does…

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    CURRENT FAVORITES: Echo Spot by Amazon

    The Echo Spot by Amazon; a minimalist design with maximum entertainment that packs a real punch in terms of allowing you to accomplish many things hands-free. If you're really looking into turning your home into a smart home, any of the Amazon Echo devices are a must! A bang for your buck and fairly inexpensive. The quality you pay for is a steal. You know my boyfriend and I are all about aesthetics so we absolutely fell in love with its stylish, compact, minimal and contemporary design. We just knew it would suit perfectly with our bougie home interior. This Echo device has a screen compared to any of the…