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    The Venture Update

    Hello my lovelies! How are you liking the new website revamp? Honestly, I revamped it because I really wanted to transfer my website from Weebly to Wordpress. It was better for SEO in the long run and has much better plugins. However, I didn't know of any way to directly transfer my site without having to start over from scratch and migrate everything manually (I asked the rep, they advised me it was not possible). So I ended up having to redesign my entire website! I mean, it wasn't a big deal. I actually like designing websites and mine ended up turning out better than expected so I'm quite happy…

  • tailwind vs later
    Growth Hacking

    The Secret to How I Plan My Content on Instagram: Later Vs Tailwind

    Social media planning can be a daunting task especially for someone who is just starting off a brand new account. Trust me, I know and I've been there. You know you have to be consistent with it but sometimes there are days where you just don't know what to post. Hence, why having a content planner is a must. You want to schedule and plan your posts at least a few days or even weeks in advance to avoid the mishap of posting simply for the sake of posting. Once you begin to run out of content and start to post  whatever just to fill up your feed well guess what,…

  • 5 effective ways to awaken your hidden talents
    Unlock Your Potential

    The 5 Most Effective Ways To Awaken Your Hidden Talents

    Talent can't be taught, but it can be awakened. - Wallace Stegner ​​​Do you have a hobby or a talent that you actively focus on every day or once every while? What if you don't and you feel like you have no interests? Well, I am here to help you unlock your inner gem by providing you with five actionable tips that will aid you in discovering what it is you really like to do or are skillful at doing and help turn those passions into a potential money-making business! Ask Friends & Family ​ I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious. - Albert Einstein What is…

  • Are You Building Something to Leverage Your Time? The Next Steps of My Journey

    Are You Building Something to Leverage Your Time? The Next Steps of My Journey

    Last month I picked up on the basics of using a DSLR camera, learned how to edit photos, use Wordpress & also touched a bit on SEO. I'm also proud to announce that I successfully managed to sell my Belle Luxe dropshipping store! I would say the month of April was a huge milestone for my self-development. I revamped my social media completely; I fixed up my Facebook, LinkedIn & Pinterest,  focused on building my Instagram account, made an Inspire to Be More Facebook page and helped to grow Hustle Nation to 91 members! Suffice to say, there is still a ton of work that needs to be done but…

  • How To Be Confidently Visible (Even If You're An Introvert) & Improve Your Online Presence
    Unlock Your Potential

    How To Be Confidently Visible (Even If You’re An Introvert) & Improve Your Online Presence

    If you're an introvert like me then you know how difficult it is to go and put yourself out there to the public. I've only begun to recently become comfortable with self promotion. At the beginning it was nerve wracking to post anything online especially in front of my friends, family or people who knew me personally. So when I decided to take my blog public, you can only imagine how nervous I was when I posted it to my social media. ​ The moment I hit "post," immediately my thoughts went rambo and all of these questions started to flood my mind. "What would people think of what I had to…

  • Duis hendrerit mollis dolor
    Growth Hacking

    6 Actionable Steps to Take Advantage of Mutual Learning

    All attempts at mutual education are important to help us grow. It widens our vision. – Robert Kennedy ​​The other day I decided that in order to help my boyfriend get back on track and motivate him, we would work on developing a skill together. We decided to take an online class on HTML & CSS. Taking on this activity together made learning fun and kept us motivated the entire time. ​ Not only did we watch a Skillshare class together but we also decided to watch a Netflix show in French with English subtitles. While I do admit, watching the show in French was quite difficult to understand, the English…

  • Journey

    How I Landed My First Client On Fiverr

    That feeling the moment you land your first client. I already had two previous clients for logo and business card designs but those were for my friends. This is actually the first time I ever landed a complete stranger as a client online. And it feels amazing! This man was nice enough to give me a chance even though I had no reviews at all on Fiverr. The best part of it all was he was actually one of my followers on Instagram and the moment I posted my Fiverr gig up, he messaged me about it. I got so excited I jumped on it right away before he could…

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    What is Fiverr? Another New Endeavor

    Funny how I was just saying a few days earlier that I would stop myself from starting new projects and focus on completing only one or two projects. But I figured this would only be a side gig...  After all, it takes time to obtain clients and it could just be a little extra side hustle part-time. Who knows when will be my first client right? At least, that's what I keep telling myself. I know, I'm so bad at focusing on only one thing. I am still in my experimentation phase and trust me, I am a very curious one as you can see. Anyways, I decided to start…

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    Unveiled – Why I Finally Decided to Showcase My Blog

    I've never really been the one to market nor even showcase my blog to the public. It's always been that whoever stumbles somehow across my blog would be interested in what I had to say and feel inspired from my posts to build something for themselves. Last night I thought to myself, maybe I should reveal it to the public starting by linking my website to my Instagram account, "missfitpetite." I thought if my goal was to reach out to people and inspire them, I should try promoting my posts to whoever out there was interested. The main reason I didn't want to showcase my writing was due to my…

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    The Importance of Mornings & My Daily Routine

    Focus on learning and creating rather than entertainment and distraction. Those of you who have been following me and reading my posts know that one of my goals this year is to wake up early. And I must say, I have been very successful these days in reaching that goal. And in doing so, I have never felt more alive and amazing than I do now since I started this routine. Ever since high school I have always been a night owl. Sleeping late every night either gaming, studying last minute like I always do, procrastinating or just being my lazy self. It never once occurred to me to sleep…