• Boss Babe Imperial networking brunch

    How We Successfully Planned Our First Networking Brunch

    I couldn't be more happier at the turnout of our first ever Networking brunch Vimy and I hosted for our new Boss Babe Imperial (BBI) community. For those of you who have not been following me on my journey, here's a little recap of what exactly Boss Babe Imperial is. It is basically a small community one of my closest friends and I decided to build here in Montreal to bring together a space for female entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs and business professionals who want to motivate, inspire, empower and learn from one another. A group of Montreal boss women looking to make it happen. How It All Came About  …

  • Journey

    The 3 Biggest Lessons 2018 Taught Me

    2018 is quickly coming to a close. Can you believe how quickly the year flew by? 2018 has been nothing short of amazing experiences, opportunities and personal growth for me and I hope it's been for you as well. And so I figured, now is the perfect time for me to take this moment to reflect on everything that's happened throughout the year and see what I need to improve on for 2019. As you may have guessed (or not), this year has been the biggest breakthrough for me.  It was the year I finally mustered up the courage to officially launch my blog and showcase my writing to the world --…

  • Journey

    What I’ve Learned Hosting our First Major Custom Beauty & Networking Event

    How to be Successful at Hosting Your Next Event I'm so proud to say that our Custom Beauty Workshop was a HUGE success! All thanks to @petitewithbuns and @_cyncoco After this workshop, I was so drained that I even took the day off from work just to relax because prior to this event, I was meeting up with at least one new person every day that week. I often forget my limits and that in the end, I'm still an introvert. One that gets drained from too much social interaction. This makes sense, because socializing expends energy: You have to talk, listen, and process what’s being said, among other things. I was so…

  • Journey

    How I’m Able to Stack my Black Friday Deals by Getting Paid to Shop

    You’re already spending it, so why not earn extra cashback on it too?   What do you mean by ‘get paid to shop online’?      Have you ever heard of SHOP.com? We live in the digital age now and almost everyone pretty much shops online these days. SHOP.com has basically taken advantage of this phenomenon to create a social shopping platform, a ‘mall without walls’ if you will, where they’ve partered up with over 3,500+ brand names stores to offer you cashback on all of your online purchases!      How much cashback can I expect to earn?      You can earn between 2% – 30% cashback off your…

  • imposter interrupted

    Speed Mentor Networking?

    Breaking Free From Comfort My Experience with Imposter, Interrupted’s first event: Meet Your Media Mentor          Sometimes it takes us traveling outside our comfort zone, to discover the abilities, we never knew we had. Robert M. Hensel          Are you Ready to Take a Dip in Unfamiliar Waters?      Following your dreams takes initiation, persistence and GRIT. Do you give yourself permission to follow your dreams? This is exactly why when @imposterinterrupted posted a Meet your Media Mentor event last week, I didn’t hesitate and signed up right away. It’s basically an event where 5 successful women from the media sit, get asked questions…

  • Journey

    The Venture Update

    Hello my lovelies! How are you liking the new website revamp? Honestly, I revamped it because I really wanted to transfer my website from Weebly to Wordpress. It was better for SEO in the long run and has much better plugins. However, I didn't know of any way to directly transfer my site without having to start over from scratch and migrate everything manually (I asked the rep, they advised me it was not possible). So I ended up having to redesign my entire website! I mean, it wasn't a big deal. I actually like designing websites and mine ended up turning out better than expected so I'm quite happy…

  • tailwind vs later
    Growth Hacking

    The Secret to How I Plan My Content on Instagram: Later Vs Tailwind

    Social media planning can be a daunting task especially for someone who is just starting off a brand new account. Trust me, I know and I've been there. You know you have to be consistent with it but sometimes there are days where you just don't know what to post. Hence, why having a content planner is a must. You want to schedule and plan your posts at least a few days or even weeks in advance to avoid the mishap of posting simply for the sake of posting. Once you begin to run out of content and start to post  whatever just to fill up your feed well guess what,…

  • 5 effective ways to awaken your hidden talents
    Unlock Your Potential

    The 5 Most Effective Ways To Awaken Your Hidden Talents

    Talent can't be taught, but it can be awakened. - Wallace Stegner ​​​Do you have a hobby or a talent that you actively focus on every day or once every while? What if you don't and you feel like you have no interests? Well, I am here to help you unlock your inner gem by providing you with five actionable tips that will aid you in discovering what it is you really like to do or are skillful at doing and help turn those passions into a potential money-making business! Ask Friends & Family ​ I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious. - Albert Einstein What is…

  • Are You Building Something to Leverage Your Time? The Next Steps of My Journey

    Are You Building Something to Leverage Your Time? The Next Steps of My Journey

    Last month I picked up on the basics of using a DSLR camera, learned how to edit photos, use Wordpress & also touched a bit on SEO. I'm also proud to announce that I successfully managed to sell my Belle Luxe dropshipping store! I would say the month of April was a huge milestone for my self-development. I revamped my social media completely; I fixed up my Facebook, LinkedIn & Pinterest,  focused on building my Instagram account, made an Inspire to Be More Facebook page and helped to grow Hustle Nation to 91 members! Suffice to say, there is still a ton of work that needs to be done but…

  • How To Be Confidently Visible (Even If You're An Introvert) & Improve Your Online Presence
    Unlock Your Potential

    How To Be Confidently Visible (Even If You’re An Introvert) & Improve Your Online Presence

    If you're an introvert like me then you know how difficult it is to go and put yourself out there to the public. I've only begun to recently become comfortable with self promotion. At the beginning it was nerve wracking to post anything online especially in front of my friends, family or people who knew me personally. So when I decided to take my blog public, you can only imagine how nervous I was when I posted it to my social media. ​ The moment I hit "post," immediately my thoughts went rambo and all of these questions started to flood my mind. "What would people think of what I had to…