inspire to be more

Who Am I?

Hi! My name is Fifa, or otherwise known as Fifster and I'm the tiny author behind Inspire To Be More.

I'm a petite budding entrepreneur from Montreal looking to empower other aspiring entrepreneurs (especially introverts) to explore their untapped potential, awaken their hidden talents and help turn their passions into profit through learning, curiosity & experimentation.

I'm a creative entrepreneur looking to change the world one step at a time and inspiring to take others along with me on my path to success & freedom.

I'm a quiet leader, poutine fanatic, gym enthusiast, wanderluster and a lover of all things aesthetically pleasing.

​My life goals; to become a serial entrepreneur and help others start their own passion projects & side hustles. I yield excitement through challenge & experimentation and find fulfillment in being my own boss.

Inspire to be more

​​I write all about my entrepreneurship journey in the hopes of inspiring others to discover their own hidden talents and make money doing what they love. I explore different income streams, side hustles and business opportunities for you to evaluate for yourself and gain some inspiration from to start your own business venture.

​Here you will find interesting posts on topics like how to unlock your hidden talents, how to live a minimalist lifestyle, how mutual learning can benefit you, how to turn your home into a modern smart home and the like.

You will also find honest reviews or recommendations for products that have personally helped me such as resources that help me stay productive, practical tools and much more.

I started this blog as a way to record my entrepreneurial journey while being as transparent as possible, recording both the good and the bad. I also created it as a way to share everything I learn along the way. My goal is that whoever stumbles upon this blog would immediately feel inspired to do better and want more for themselves.

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What To Expect From My Blog

  • Heavily researched valuable information, tips, tricks, tools, products and resources that have helped me personally on my own journey.
  • Honest & full disclosure, transparency and personal recommendations based on real-life experiences.
  • Authentic, simple & non-BS version of me all published and laid out in content form.​​

Projects I've Started

I've started a few projects, side hustles, picked up odd jobs and made some pretty risky investments over the past 2 years but I've learned a great deal from them.

Some of these projects include:

Now, I am looking to share all of this knowledge with you along with some life lessons that have helped shaped me to be who I am today.

I love helping people like you find the most practical, valuable and useful information to fuel your passion projects or help you to start your own. I'll provide you with the most effective tips and tricks that have helped me personally to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, set my life goals, uncovered my passions and unlocked skills I never even knew I had!

​I am hoping to be able to help you do the same.

Open your mind, open your life, open your opportunities.

Always enjoy the journey. That's my motto and that is what Inspire To Be More is all about.