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    Growth Hacking

    6 Actionable Steps to Take Advantage of Mutual Learning

    All attempts at mutual education are important to help us grow. It widens our vision. – Robert Kennedy ​​The other day I decided that in order to help my boyfriend get back on track and motivate him, we would work on developing a skill together. We decided to take an online class on HTML & CSS. Taking on this activity together made learning fun and kept us motivated the entire time. ​ Not only did we watch a Skillshare class together but we also decided to watch a Netflix show in French with English subtitles. While I do admit, watching the show in French was quite difficult to understand, the English…

  • Journey

    Trying out Skillshare & Picking Up My First Skill of The Month

    If you guys had already read my last blog post, I mentioned that one of my goals this year would be to pick up a new skill every month. That being said, I've decided my new skill to learn this month would be learning how to handle a DSLR camera. Until recently, I purchased a brand new Canon T6i and have not yet had the chance to dig deeper on actually learning to properly use the camera to its full extent. At the beginning I did begin to play around with it. I took a few shots and tried recording but it quickly ended there. I didn't know the basics, gave up…